I want to live a simple life. One without chaos, distraction and anything that hinders me from being better. I believe in order to begin living simply starts in the mind. It takes redirecting my focus on the important things in my life such as, the Lord, my family and friends, finishing tasks that I've started and doing all of these things day to day. When my mind is focused on too many things and looking too far ahead everything seems to get lost, my thoughts, my sanity and ultimately my purpose. In my life today I will try to live simply. -Elli Jane


I wanted these photos to be simple, yet beautiful and take you to a different place even if it's just for a couple of seconds to get away from the chaos of your life. Flowers were my inspiration so they were my central focus. They bring so much color and happiness. I chose Shelby to be my model because she has such a distinct beauty I can't even really explain. Her blue eyes seem to pierce you and her delicate features are so striking. She was perfect to stand in the midst of the flowers and vines! For fun I brought along my Holga film camera to try out. I couldn't have been more happy with them being my first shots in over the past two years. My hope is to continually get better. All that to say I hope you enjoy these!