No one told you what to expect in your twenties.

A year ago I was horrified at the thought of turning 25 and then it happened. I think the reason I was so sad to turn that particular age was because I felt like I hadn’t accomplished everything I thought I would have by then. Then my friend told me this is going to be the best year of my life. Guess what! She was completely right.


I am a little under a month away from turning 26 and this time it’s not so scary. I really believe it’s because I have goals and plans whereas last year just the thought of turning 25 paralyzed me with fears that I’d never be where I wanted. I was just bummed everyone was getting engaged or married while I was just pulling my couch cushions off the couch to try and find spare change to pay my electric bill and shoving a bag of popcorn in the microwave for supper lol. Real LIFE haha! It was such a hard season let me tell you! I felt this weight loneliness, worry and inadequacy unlike ever before. Then my mom advised me to ask the Lord for me to see what He saw for my life and ask him for an expectant heart.


About a month later I started to have this increased desire to travel and experience places outside of my little town unlike ever before. It was as if a light bulb went off. “I am still young, not tied down by anyone or anything and am in a place where I can travel to the places I’ve always wanted to see.” Immediately after this revelation I started researching all the places I wanted to see and to pray big. Since then I have had the privilege of going out of Florida at least five different times in 2016. For some people that might seem small, for others it might seem a lot, but to me I see it as an answer to prayer and the grace of God. I am amazed honestly!!! My list of places continues to grow with each passing day and the joy of saving for those trips is overwhelming. 


When you hit your twenties no professor, parent or friend can prepare you for what you might experience. There’s no handbook that says, “This is what will happen to you and here’s how you should respond.” It doesn't tell you that you'll more than likely live paycheck to paycheck for a while and that rice and beans will be your daily meal. Life just happens and you roll with the punches.

If there are a few things I’ve learned about how great your twenties is that you are still young enough to see and experience amazing things. You’re a little bit wiser than you were when you are fresh out of high school. You make your own decisions and determine how you want your life to go. Last but not least it’s all on you and that means if you really want something than you can make it happen! You can turn your dreams into reality. Never give up friends and if your terrified of your mid twenties I understand but I want you to know it’s pretty great if you choose to make it great!


What are some things you've learned in your twenties?