The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

HELLO Friends!!!!

I am so excited that you all are interested in feeling better and healing your body as much as you can. I have attached the PDF of the Anti-Inflammatory Diet I did a couple months ago that changed how I felt and looked! The best feeling is knowing you can eat food without feeling bloated and sick afterwards. You can keep this PDF on file to try to incorporate more of these foods in your daily life or I'd love it if you did the Anti-Inflammatory Challenge with me starting January 2nd - January 23. If you're a lady and are interested in the challenge or would just love some encouragement in being healthy I can add you to my private facebook page. We will share tips and tricks on how to live healthier, workouts, recipes and anything health related. It's a great way to keep each other accountable. Just comment YES below if you'd like me to add you and let me know if you're joining the challenge! I can't wait to for us to feel better together in 2017.